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Communications Receptionist

Job Number: 

VMP is seeking a Full-Time PM or a Part Time AM receptionist!

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Additional duties may be assigned as required.

Security Systems:

  • Maintain complete working knowledge and competency in the performance of all emergency procedures/codes. 
  • Respond to, and document all, emergency codes according to facility and departmental policies and procedures. 
  • Responsible for primary and immediate notification of all emergency responders (Fire, Rescue, Nursing, etc.)
  • Responsible for making emergency and general announcements throughout the facility via the public address system.


Facility Calls:

  •       Performs the functions of a central answering call center for all entities / facilities.
  • Answer all incoming phone calls promptly and politely. 
  • Direct call to the appropriate person for response and/or take full information for messages.
  • Know answering service policies and procedures.
  • Respond to calls in a courteous/helpful manner within a reasonable amount of time, using greeting according to department standard.
  • Maintain confidentiality with each call.
  • Project a professional image at all times.



Register and direct all visitors to appropriate person or location.

  • Be familiar with all areas of the complex and provide accurate directions.
  • Maintain a positive, friendly, and professional relationship with others during phone or in person communications.


  • Page staff, residents and others as directed, projecting a calm and professional image during announcements.
  • Use discretion to keep pages and public address announcements within procedural guidelines.
  • Minimize disturbances of residents as much as possible.
  • Page digital and text pagers.



  • Maintain department records
  • Check accuracy of listings.
  • Maintain organization of records.
  • Perform miscellaneous typing assignments and other duties as assigned.
  • Maintain a work log for all assignments for others according to department standards.



  • Dress appropriately.  Fleece type clothing, sweat wear, knit wears, and/or denim jeans or skirts are not acceptable.
  • Attend mandatory meetings and in service programs provided by the facility.
  • Actively participate in department meetings.
  • Work closely with peers; convey helpful and professional image.  Help peers whenever possible.  Recognize and communicate needed information.
  • Perform duties dependent upon specific shift worked.
  • Cooperate in a helpful manner with other departments and staff.
  • Recognize opportunities and willingly assist other departments, within the parameters of own job and available time.
  • Document pertinent facility incidents/information for possible future reference.
  • Accept and complete assignments as delegated.