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IT Network Specialist II

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VMP is hiring for a IT Network Specialist II!


Assist in maintaining the day-to-day Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and technical support services to all network users. Working knowledge and experience is necessary to perform the following: Overall network systems, server and infrastructure operation to include installation, maintenance and upgrades to both hardware and software at all levels as well as Network Administration.

Must be a highly motivated, self-directed person who is energized to meet the challenges of implementing projects, maintaining computer technology network and extending the functionality of the healthcare provider. Requires an accomplished individual with the ability to effectively work on desktops and server computers. Must be able to apply technical and software design along with creativity to solve complex problems. Requires a high degree of pride in your work and an insistence on quality. Must be a continual learner and a team player. Should be interested in sharing knowledge openly through mentoring computer product users in a variety of productivity tools.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Administer network systems.

  • Answer phone calls from network users requesting assistance with network issues.
  • Perform on-site support including hardware, cabling, software and network administration services.
  • Monitor and track all help desk requests.
  • Maintain a level of communication with users regarding the status of any service requests.
  • Upload/download software, upgrades, patches, and interfaces as appropriate.
  • Seek and recommend improvements in computer system operations.
  • Monitor functioning of network operations to ensure system integrity.
  • Insure system logs, histories and configurations are documented and kept current.
  • Maintain all aspects and requirements of the Network Active Directory structure.
  • Monitor network security, virus threats, internet and web usage to insure network systems are not compromised.
  • Perform network troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common network pro
  • Keep informed of industry changes by reading trade magazines or attending computer trade shows in order to maintain technical proficiencies on software and hardware developments.

Install and configure, maintain, and upgrade hardware and software.

  • Prepare, configure, and install new
  • Install/upgrade software applications, including operating systems, databases, etc.
  • Install new hardware and software upgrades on existing computer equipment.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and solve hardware, software, and operator problems.
  • Diagnose and repair or replace defective hardware when possible, or arrange for repair or replacement when necessary.
  • Promptly deliver and pick up computer equipment from local vendors and repair facilities as needed.
  • Follow maintenance procedures to test and optimize computer hardware to improve operation and proformanace.
  • Follow standardized build procedures to insure network consistencies
  • Document configurations or changes as required to any new, existing or upgraded hardware device or software application to insure confidentiality and security is controlled.
  • Ensure all hardware devices are in strict compliance with the VMP Software Licensing Policy.
  • Perform hardware and software audits as required by VMP Policy.
  • Allow flexibility in work schedule during evenings and weekends to minimize downtime.

Provide end‑user technical support.

  • Respond in a timely manner to user requests for assistance in resolving computer‑related problems such as inoperative hardware or software; prioritize these requests.
  • Engage in problem solving, render acceptable solutions and provide documentation
  • Talk with computer users, supervisors, and managers to set requirements for new or modified software and hardware.
  • Provide users with network technical support.
  • Respond to user needs and questions concerning their access of resources on the network.
  • Write and revise user procedures as required.
  • Instruct users in use of equipment, software, and manuals.
  • Help users develop ways of working more efficiently.
  • Assess user workstations regarding ergonomic standards.

Maintain acceptable work standards.

  • Keep work environment safe and organized.
  • Maintain an acceptable record of attendance and promptness according to organization policy.
  • Dress to meet department's


  • Associate degree (AS) in Information Technology/Computer Science or related relevant degree or a combination of education and applicable experience accepted in lieu of degree.
  • Four to five years computer experience including help desk support in a network intense environment.
  • MCSE certification highly desireable
  • Intermediate knowledge in LAN and Wan topology as it relates to routers, hubs and switches.
  • Experience in the operation and repair of computer hardware using current versions of Microsoft products required in a medium to large network setting.
  • Backround experience with Internet/Intranet and Network Infrastructure is also desirable.