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Pastoral Care

Christian Roots

Pastoral care is always available. 

Our Christian roots remind us that everything we do matters more than we can see. Every one of our actions, even the unnoticed ones, have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s day and maybe their life. We believe that. And we are proud to continue that legacy of humble service that goes back thousands of years and never gets old. 

Those values of our Christian faith guide us. First, in the precious celebration of life. From a newborn baby, a child full of hope and dreams, to honoring the long life of people just a few decades older. We are all born just moments apart in the grand scheme of God’s creation, and we celebrate the gift we are to each other. 


Clinical Pastoral Education Program

VMP has had an active Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program since 1998.  CPE is an action-reflection type of adult learning for pastoral care. VMP is nationally accredited, through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), as a CPE center. CPE programs at VMP include Level I, Level II, and Supervisory education. Individual CPE units run year-round with two extended (part-time) programs during the academic year, and a summer intensive (full-time) experience. 

For more information about VMP’s CPE Program, please contact the ACPE Supervisor and Director of Pastoral Care at 414-607-4355. To download an application from ACPE, and for further information about CPE in general, please go to this website:

Meet the Staff

  • Chap. Ryan O'Rourke

  • Rev. Meg Lybeck-Smoak

    Rev. Meg Lybeck-Smoak

  • Rev. Joya Jones-Hardaman

Services Offered

Ecumenical Services

Sunday at 10:30am
Wednesday at 10:30am

Catholic Mass

Monday at 10:00am
Wednesday at 9:00am (IL)


Friday at 3:15pm

Bible Studies

Tuesday at 10:00am (IL)
Tuesday at 2:00pm (AL)