Ventilator Care Center

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"Thank God for this place. VMP is were my miracle began."

- Ron, a former patient who was successfully ventilator
liberated & discharged home.

Ventilator Care

VMP is the Largest Ventilator Program in the state of Wisconsin. We can assist you or a loved one with long term and short term ventilator care.

Our Mission is to "Enhance the lives and independence of ventilator assisted users by providing the best resident-centered quality of care in a homelike environment and to be a resource and destination for ventilator users in Southeastern Wisconsin. "


09 Nov 2012
LINK: VMP in the News - Ventilator Care Outing!
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What Sets Us Apart?

VMP Manor Park’s highly specialized respiratory staff partners with the area’s Pulmonary physicians to provide the best possible care for the patients we serve. It is a team approach that allows us to spend more time with our patients.

Our Experienced Respiratory Therapists are Here 24/7

That’s right. We have Respiratory Therapists on-site 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Most have been working together as a team for 10 years or more, and half of the staff has more than 20 years of experience.

Our Dedicated Team

In addition to the Respiratory Therapists, our diverse team of experts includes:

• Three Board Certified Pulmonologists
• Recreational Therapists
• A Board Certified Dietitian
• Licensed Social Workers
• Case Managers
• Ventilator Certified Nurses
• A Clinical Psychologist
• Physical Therapists
• Speech Therapists
• Occupational Therapists
• Music Therapists
• Chaplains

These specialists all work together to meet the very needs of not only the patient, but their families as well. We also work with homecare agencies tohelp make the transition home easier.

VMP Ventilator Care at VMP Manor Park

VMP is one of only 3 Ventilator Programs in Wisconsin.

At VMP Manor Park, we offer a total of 23 private rooms which are all Medicare/Medicaid certified in the Palmer and Maplewood Units.

People require the intervention of ventilator care for various reasons. There are many components to returning a patient to their own spontaneous breathing. Our Maplewood Ventilator Units specialize in weaning patients from the ventilator with the ultimate goal being to return home.

Our specialized team works to meet the needs of our ventilator dependent patient and their families. This is accomplished through a diverse staff of experts including a group of three Board Certified Pulmonologists, 24 hour Respiratory Therapists onsite, Recreation Therapists, State Certified Registered Dietitian, Chaplains, Social Workers, Case Managers, Ventilator Certified Nursing staff, a Clinical Psychologist, and Physicians using a holistic approach. Following a life changing event, there is a holistic need to care for the entire patient and in many cases their family as well. We provide all of these services in a home-like setting for long term care management.

Behavioral health experts are on staff to promote mental well-being while chaplains assist both the patient and the family. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, as well as good nutrition are vital aspects of rehabilitation provided to help patients gain strength when the goal is ventilator liberation or maintaining quality of life.

Ventilator Care