VMP Foundation, the charitable arm of VMP Healthcare & Community Living, is pleased to announce that we will be arranging a 50/50 Raffle starting October 7th through November 19th. The winning ticket will be randomly chosen November 19th with contact being made after the drawing. We are hopeful this will be one of the most notable sources of funding for VMP Foundation and its causes.

The 50/50 Raffle proceeds are split between one randomly chosen lucky winner and VMP Foundation. The proceeds will benefit the Employee Benevolence Fund. This fund provides financial support to a qualified employee who has come upon unanticipated loss or difficult circumstances. Through your previous support and donations, this fund has helped many VMP employees forgo difficult times.

Tickets for the 50/50 Raffle will be available within our building at the Stafford Center in Palmer House. They will also be available through contact with Foundation President Jedd Lapid or Foundation Administrative Assistant Penny Yerke. They can be reached at the following contacts below.

Jedd Lapid: (414) 607-4110 or Jedd.Lapid@VMP.org

Penny Yerke: (414) 607-4565 or Penny.Yerke@VMP.org

On behalf of the VMP Foundation, we would like to say thank you for your continued support and donations. Since 1975, VMP Foundation has been a proactive partner in providing solutions to enrich the lives and care for residents of the VMP Community. By raising awareness and soliciting charitable support for quality programs and services, our VMP Foundation ensures the best possible experience for all persons within the VMP Healthcare & Community Living campus. To learn more about VMP Foundation please contact (414) 607-4565.

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